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4 Good Habits to Take Proper Care of Your Skin in the Sun


To prevent the sun from damaging your health, protect your skin before any sun exposure. We suggest 4 good habits to take care of your skin in the sun.

Rule 1

Avoid exposure during hours of peak sunlight

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Apply just before sun exposure in sufficient quantity.

Rule 2

Do not expose children under the age of three to direct sunlight

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If exposure is inevitable, clothing is the most effective means of protection. After swimming, dry the child with a towel and reapply a sun protection product designed for children preferable with a water resistant texture.

Rule 3

Protect yourself with clothing, a hat and UV-filtering sunglasses

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Not all clothing provides the same degree of protection: effectiveness depends on the nature of the fabric. Manufacturers have developed specific anti-UV clothing using different techniques: very tightly woven fibres or fabrics treated with sun filters. Black provides more protection than white. Protection decreases with humidity.

Rule 4

Apply and reapply a sufficient amount of the product

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"Two coats are better than one." Don't forget your ears, the nape of your neck and your feet.
Reapply about every two hours or after swimming or excessive perspiration (even with a waterproof formula). There is a wide range of textures (cream, fluid, gel, body milk, stick) to suit everyone's needs and preferences. Indeed, it has been shown that users are more likely to reapply a product when they like its texture, which promotes protective efficacy.

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