Blind Pimple Under the Skin:
Tackle It in 3 Steps

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Do you have a blind pimple and don’t know how to get rid of it? Follow three steps to target your pimple under the skin and be back to smooth skin in no time.

Good News:
Your Blind Pimple Days Are Numbered

Have you ever had a pimple that feels tender, taut, and deep in the skin? A spot that despite having no "head", aches when you touch it?

If so, you’re likely familiar with what’s known as a blind pimple. While it’s true blind pimples are easier to hide with concealer, they also last longer and are trickier to tackle. And perhaps worst of all, a pimple under the skin can scar if you give in to the temptation of squeezing.

While we know blind pimples can be quite painful, what exactly are they? According to the experts, a blind pimple is similar to a regular blemish in that both are caused by the blockage of an oil gland which leads to an inflammatory reaction. The main difference is in the case of a blind pimple; the infection gets trapped deep in the skin next to the nerves, and because there is no “head” on the surface of your skin, pressure can build and causing pain.

If you can’t pick at or pop a deep, pimple under your skin, how do you get rid of it? These three steps are a good start for your blind pimple treatment:


Step 1: Ice the Offending Spot

Most of the time when you discover a new blind pimple, it will still be small. Take this opportunity to ice it by holding a clean cold pack to the area for three rounds of five minutes on, ten minutes off. The cold will help to reduce inflammation and swelling.


Step 2: Cleanse and Moisturise

Ensure your entire face—not just the pimple—is clean. Choose a gentle cleanser to whisk away grime without stripping – the last thing you want is to irritate the skin further. Next, moisturise everywhere other than the pimple. This allows the blind pimple treatment you’ll apply next to remain as potent as possible.


Step 3: Apply an Acne Treatment

Look for a blind pimple treatment product that contains salicylic acid, a BHA which is particularly good at unclogging pores. La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo (+) is one such treatment – it soothes redness and dries to a matte finish. If your blemish is a one-off, still apply the cream to the area to ensure it helps prevent future breakouts. If you get regular pimples, apply all over the face.

Now you’ve dealt with the blind pimple on your chin, nose or wherever else on your face it happened to appear, to manage any future breakouts, ensure you’re keeping to a consistent skincare routine, cleansing to wash away bacteria, makeup and grime at the end of the day, and moisturising to help balance sebum levels.

If you break out a lot, visit your healthcare professional if you find your skincare routine isn’t helping. Blind pimples in particular can be linked to hormonal issues or reactions to skincare, sunscreen and makeup so don’t suffer in silence if you think this may be the case for you.


Did you


Dermatologists advise against touching skin imperfections as this could worsen inflammation therefore aggravate acne & marks.


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