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Blackhead Removal Advice


Refrain from squeezing your blackheads and follow these steps instead for a clearer complexion.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

The best way to get rid of blackheads is by popping them, right? Actually, no. Despite what the compelling skin squeezing videos on YouTube would have you believe; manual blackhead removal methods are best left to the experts. In related news, using pore strips to rip them out isn’t a great idea either.

Blackheads are what happens when your skin’s sebum mixes with things like makeup, dead cells and bacteria, and then takes up residence inside one (or more) of your pores. They’re similar to regular pimples but with one main difference. With blackheads, the top of the blocked pore is open (which is why the gunk inside looks black—because it has oxidised), whereas with a whitehead, skin covers the top of the clogged pore and forms acne.

It can be tempting to start popping blackheads, but doing so increases the chances that bacteria will enter the pore. It can also introduce more oil, potentially creating a cycle of continuous blackhead breakouts. There’s always a risk of scarring when you pick at your skin, especially if using your fingernails to do so. The good news? If you’re interested in a smoother, clearer complexion these blackhead solutions can help.

Cleanse and Moisturise

Blackheads (and whiteheads) are caused by excess sebum mixing with grime and clogging up your pores, so keeping skin clean is key. Falling asleep in your makeup is also a bad idea—keep La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Micellar Water Ultra by your bedside for lazy nights. Moisturising is crucial too, as it helps to balance the skin, preventing an imbalance in oil production.

Exfoliate Regularly

Keeping your pores clear will work to prevent blackheads. Choose a chemical exfoliant over a scrub so the ingredients can penetrate the skin to clear out pores (not just smooth the surface). La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar K (+) is a specifically formulated anti-blackhead moisturiser . It’s packed with clarifying LHA (a derivative of salicylic acid) and has been shown to exfoliate without irritation.

Mask As Prevention

Using a clarifying clay mask to keep pores clear by whisking away excess oil and impurities like leftover makeup. Use it once a week to help prevent blackheads from building up and you won’t be tempted to pick.

Launder Your Linen

For those who suffer with blackheads and breakouts it’s essential to keep linen clean. As we sleep, our skin and hair transfer grime onto our bedding. Simply throwing your pillowcases into the wash every two to four days can minimise the dirt and dust your face comes into contact with. If laundering your pillowcase often is too much effort, consider placing a clean flannel over it nightly instead.

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