Hyalu B5 Serum

The new dermatological correction to replump sensitive skin

Hyalu B5 Serum packshot from Hyalu B5, by La Roche-Posay
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    The 1st dermatological anti-wrinkle solution that replumps and repairs skin Fresh, re-plumping hydrating water gel with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and madecassoside

    30ml bottle

    AU RRP$69.95


    Wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity, tired and dull skin.

    Suitable for all skin types. Specifically designed for skin with wrinkles, loss of volume and elasticity to replump and hydrate.

    A unique hydrating, replumping formula with two pure hyaluronic acids: vitamin B5 and madecassoside. Plumps and facilitates skin repair on the surface and in depth.

    Nickel controlled formula.

    For a fresh replumping hydrating cream, please use the Hyalu B5 Moisturiser for the perfect match to complete your anti-wrinke routine.

    Product efficacy

    Skin immediately recovers bounce, suppleness and healthy-fresh complexion. Wrinkles and fine lines look reduced. Skin looks replumped as if renewed.


    76% Agree skin feels nourished, suppler or the complexion looks fresher

    After 4 weeks
    75% the complexion looks fresher
    69% skin seem revitalized
    75% face look as rested
    75% overall skin appearance looks improved

    Post-procedure efficacy**
    89% The recently irritated skin seems replumped /more plumped
    77% Tightness feeling is reduced on recently irritated skin

    *Self-assessment questionnaires, N=52 Caucasian women, 40/65 years old, all skin types, 100% declaring to have sensitive skins, 5 points scale
    ** Panel: N = 30 Caucasian Women and men, having dermatological anti-wrinkles procedures (superficial peeling or injection – around 50/50). Application during 28 days, twice daily (in the morning and in the evening) on the face, including eye contour and neck during 4 weeks. Subjective evaluation questionnaires at D0Timm, D14 and D28 (5 points scale).

    Texture & application

    Fresh replumping hydrating water-gel. Apply morning and evening on face and neck. All skin types. Nickel controlled.
    Hyalu B5 Serum packshot from Hyalu B5, by La Roche-Posay


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    Used by dermatologists in their aesthetic procedures to answer to women’s concerns regarding wrinkles and loss of plump, hyaluronic acid is the reference anti-age molecule.
    La Roche Posay uses fragmented & high molecular weight to replump the  skin both at the surface and in depth.


    Vitamin B5  is renowned for its soothing and repairing benefits on skin. It stimulates the regeneration and resistance of skin.


    A highly remarkable extract of the healing herb Centella Asiatica, madecassoside helps fill in wrinkles by firming skin from within. A soothing agent, this ingredient boosts both the repairing effect of vitamin B5 and the replumping action of hyaluronic acid.

    Our safety commitments

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.