Skin Sensitive to Shaving

Irritations, redness ingrown hairs - oh my! Find out how to prevent shaving irritations. Men’s skin is genetically different to that of women, and it's mainly shaving that reveals the sensitivity of male skin.

How to Look After Sensitive Skin Post-Laser

From correcting pigmentation, acne scarring and uneven texture to plumping fine lines and wrinkles and managing rosacea, laser skin resurfacing or rejuvenation treatments can yield impressive results. However, as the skin rebuilds itself from the ‘trauma’ of a laser treatment, a strict after-care regime is needed. Particularly for normally sensitive skin. Read on for all the essentials of looking after your skin post-laser.


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« Some habits can prevent razor burn. When the skin is not well prepared, shaving can be truly unpleasant! »

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