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Over 80% of teenagers suffer from acne.

You are not alone !

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Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Sonya Esman, I'm 20 years old, I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, raised in Toronto, Canada, but now live in Los Angeles. When people ask me what I do, I usually reply with "I'm a professional human being". I don't like to label what I do, because as a person, I'm all over the place with my hobbies and interests. I guess an outsider looking in would say I am a blogger, a fashion, travel, lifestyle, beauty, music, blogger. A fun fact about me is that I wake up every morning at 6am, with no alarm clock, and do all of my work within a span of three hours, but prefer to workout right before going to sleep.

Why did you choose to become a beauty youtuber?

I don't think I necessarily "chose" to become a beauty blogger. I wanted to connect to people, and Youtube is by far the most personal and effective way to communicate with millions of people, and in a way, make them your friends. I always wanted to be an actress, and so Youtube was an amazing way to get myself out there and talk to like-minded people.

What is your personal story with spots?

I suffered with acne my entire adolescence. I had a really oily t-zone growing up, and most of my acne took form in clogged pores, a terrible skin texture, and often times, cystic acne on my face and shoulders. I remember walking in the school hallway, and kids calling out the name of anti-acne medication to me, as if it were my name. Modelling agencies would tell me I had to "fix my face", even though I was doing everything I could, to my knowledge and power. I went to dermatologists, only to have them blindly prescribe me antibiotics, which when I looked into them, doctors mentioned acne getting worse after stopping antibiotics. I also had a very, very clean diet- and yet my acne didn't budge. The only two things that have helped me in the process are finding the right everyday acne treatment system, and patience.


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