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Your Active Skin Survival Guide

How to: Keep Your Skin Happy While You Work Out

We’ve all heard how exercise benefits the complexion – increased blood flow to the face boosts radiance. But for every woman with a post-workout glow, there’s unfortunately another suffering sweat-induced breakouts or redness.

If you’re one of these women, it needn’t be the case. With the right education, you can ensure your skin, as well as your body, stays in great shape. Here’s our guide to working out without your skin breaking out.


Let’s be honest: If you’re running 10k in a full face of makeup, you’re not doing your complexion any favours. Your skin won’t breathe properly, and makeup, oil and perspiration will block your pores, possibly leading to breakouts. So, pop a micellar water in your gym bag, and always remove your makeup before you work out.

If you’re exercising outside, remember daily sun protection is the #1 foundation of healthy, youthful skin. Skipping sunscreen in fear of breaking out is in fact counterproductive as, aside from the obvious dangers, sunburn triggers oil production. Wearing a non-comedogenic sunscreen is key.

La Roche Posay’s new Anthelios XL SPF50+ Dry Touch is a non-sticky, fragrance- and paraben-free gel-cream sunscreen with revolutionary anti-shine technology. Developed for oily and acne-prone sensitive skin, it delivers the highest* level of broad spectrum protection, while mattifying the skin. Exclusive anti-sweat molecule Airlicium absorbs up to 150 times its volume in sebum, helping to control shine from sweat, sebum and oil, for a perfectly matte complexion. And for those who can’t bear the idea of going entirely bare-faced, a tinted version is available.


If you have sensitive skin, exercising caution and choosing ‘clean’ skincare is essential for your skin’s fitness. Eliminating common irritants including fragrances, preservatives and alcohol, the La Roche-Posay Toleriane range boasts true minimalist formulas for maximum tolerance. Dermatologist-tested and free from pore-clogging ingredients, Toleriane looks after your skin before, during and after your workout.


Drinking plenty of water is crucial for healthy, glowing skin – especially if you’re perspiring – but the right skincare also helps. Consider incorporating a product that contains Hyaluronic Acid. This naturally occurring molecule is valued for its incredible capacity to retain water and promote a dewy complexion. It’s found alongside radiance-boosting Vitamin C in La Roche Posay’s Redermic C10, as well as in the Toleriane Teinte Hydrating Water-Cream Foundation – the ideal post-workout makeup.


Strength training’s not just for your body; you can also build stronger, more resilient skin with the right ingredients. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) has many benefits, especially for sensitive, acne- and rosacea-prone skin. Found in products including Toleriane Ultra Overnight (for ultra-sensitive, reactive skin) and Effaclar Duo Plus (for acne-prone skin), Niacinamide helps to improve the skin’s barrier function. This results in less moisture loss and fewer irritants penetrating the skin to and cause redness and discomfort.


You wouldn’t finish your workout without a cool down, so give your skin the same consideration. Mineral-rich, with scientifically-proven soothing, and antioxidant properties, La Roche-Posay thermal spring water is the perfect way to refresh skin after a workout. Keep the Thermal Spring Water spray in your gym bag for fast relief. 


If redness is an everyday issue for you, exacerbated by exercise, your skin will benefit from La Roche-Posay soothing agent, Neurosensine. In several Toleriane products, it is also found in Rosaliac AR Intense – La Roche-Posay’s most powerful anti-redness weapon, to counteract redness.

After your workout, applying Toleriane Teint Hydrating Water-Cream Foundation will conceal redness and boost radiance. Providing medium coverage to unify the complexion, the water-based, hyaluronic acid enriched, hypoallergenic formula keeps skin hydrated and comfortable for 12 hours.

From clean ingredients to light, breathable formulas, it’s clear to see your workout wear really does matter. Follow this active-skin action plan and your skin will enjoy all the gains from working out, without any of the pain.

*Tested to AS/NZS 2604:2012, “very high protection”

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