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Atopic eczema

Atopic eczema generally starts in childhood and affects 1 in 5 children. It is an inflammation of the skin characterized by itchiness, red skin and rashes.

Atopic & Eczema

Understanding the atopic eczema treatment that was prescribed to you

If you or your child were diagnosed with atopic eczema, you were most probably prescribed a treatment with 2 items: a corticosteroid cream and an emollient. They each play a different role in treating your symptoms. This treatment approach targets 2 complementary aspects.

When and why a corticosteroid cream?

In the case of an atopic eczema crisis, to fight inflammation and soothe skin as soon as possible.

Corticosteroid creams have an anti-inflammatory action. They should therefore be applied to inflamed parts of the skin to soothe and reduce damage from scratching as soon as possible.

Twice-daily application of corticosteroid is generally recommended.

When and why an emollient cream?

Every day, to fight skin dryness and prevent further crises from occurring.

Even though you may not have lesions or be experiencing a crisis, skin with atopic eczema suffers from chronic dryness as its barrier is damaged. It is therefore necessary to apply an emollient cream at least once  or twice a day to moisturize skin and fight skin dryness thus reducing itching and preventing  further crises from occurring or limiting their duration.
This is an essential part of the treatment.

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