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Sensitive skin and daily care products: friends or enemies?

For increasing numbers of women, across all age groups, skin types and continents, skin care has become synonymous with stress. When sensitive skin appears to tolerate nothing, however innocent the chosen products proclaim to be, the temptation is to clear the bathroom shelves of moisturisers and makeup and give up!

But the truth is, perhaps more than any other, sensitive or allergic skin needs expert daily care to restore its protective barrier and defend against aggressors. Read on for our step-by-step walkthrough of how best to care for your sensitive skin, in complete confidence, throughout the day.

Skin care products for sensitive skin: the best cleansers, moisturizers and make-up

Step 1: Perfectly cleanse without stripping skin

Overnight, your skin builds up sebum and dead cells at its surface. To start the day fresh-faced without stripping skin of its protective hydrolipidic film, opt for a gentle cleansing milk or micellar water. These products should be pH-balanced to respect skin's naturally acidic pH.

Step 2: Moisturize with minimalist formulations

Repair your sensitive skin's fragile protective barrier with a minimalist formulation moisturiser, Also look out for the latest active ingredients to calm sensitive skin's hypersensitive nerve endings. Discover  Toleriane Ultra.

Step 3: Choose adapted shields against sun and pollution

UV exposure can aggravate sensitive skin's discomfort, as well as worsening any redness. Ensure a sunscreen is part of your daily routine. Seek out light, fluid textures to avoid excessive rubbing, with at least SPF30 UVA/UVB protection.

Step 4: Discover make-up tailored to sensitive skin’s needs

Prone to flushing and redness, sensitive skin benefits from high-tolerance complexion-evening makeup. Sensitive skin formulated BB creams may help restore skin's protective barrier and many offer a respectable SPF. Discover  Uvidea BB

Step 5: Keep your SOS rescue close at hand

Keep a thermal spray such as this pocket-sized gem with you as a rescue remedy. Use whenever your skin needs a calming influence or to avoid a potential flare-up. You'll also love its soothing, cooling action after cleansing or a pulse-raising session at the gym. Discover  Thermal Spring Water.

Step 6: Wake up to calm skin, tomorrow

Does your skin seem to wake up feeling irritable? It’s no coincidence that many women experience a surge of skin sensitivity first thing. At night, sensitive skin struggles to neutralize the free radicals it accumulates during the day. To make matters worse, histamine – the itch and redness molecule – surges just before we wake. The result? Morning skin that prickles, itches and stings, as if it hasn’t slept a wink!
To de-fuse this ticking time-bomb of irritation, soothe sensitive skin overnight with a specific dermocosmetic solution to purify skin of free radicals while calming inflammation and nerve impulses. After all, even with sensitive skin, everyone deserves to wake up looking and feeling refreshed ! Discover  Toleriane Ultra Overnight.

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