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Seasonal Skincare Changes: Your Go-To Guide

How To Change Your Skincare With Seasons

Dry, dull or irritated skin? Your out-of-season skincare could be to blame. Because, just as we change our wardrobes with the seasons, we really should adapt our skincare regime as the weather changes. Regardless of which hemisphere you live in, here’s our go-to guide to perfecting your seasonal skincare game.

Summer vs Winter Skin

As it gets colder, formulations with higher concentrations of richer emollients make better winter choices, says La Roche-Posay skincare expert, Rachel McAdam. Dry winter air teamed with constant exposure to artificial heating can cause the skin to lose more of its natural water content, leading to seasonal dryness and increased sensitivity. It’s therefore important to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier to reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and build greater resilience to stay protected from the elements.

During Summer, skin’s sebum production can go into overdrive, leading to increased oiliness and more breakouts, says Rachel. Sunscreen, while essential all year round, is even more important during summer, when the UV index peaks.

Moving from a dry to a humid, warm climate will also impact your skin. According to one of our La Roche-Posay users Sarah, who has recently moved from Melbourne to Townsville (QLD), “An improvement I’ve noticed is increased hydration, but along with that comes oiliness! Excess sweat and sunscreens have meant more breakouts.”

In Summer or humid climates, products that maintain hydration are still required, but lighter, non-clogging and not overly rich formulas are key. Oily skin types should not steer clear of moisturisers, but rather look for products with ingredients that regulate oil flow while maintaining the skin’s water balance. Using harsh, stripping products or skipping moisturiser altogether simply creates a rebound effect, forcing the skin to produce even more oil, leading to further blockages and breakouts.

Which Products Should I Choose?

For Summer…

Made for all skin types, including sensitive, Rachel recommends the high-tolerance Toleriane range for Summer. The Toleriane Moisturiser suits most skins, while Toleriane Ultra with its greater fluid content is ideal for drier skins. As well as using targeted treatment products daily (such as the La Roche-Posay Effaclar products), oily skin types will benefit from using a mattifying, toning spray such as Serozinc.

Tinted products are great for humidity because you are getting moisture, sunscreen and colour in one product,” says Sarah.

For Winter…

In Winter, a more nourishing moisturiser will help prevent damage and sensitivity, says Rachel. Both Toleriane Ultra and Toleriane Riche contain 8% Shea Butter for optimal hydration. For allergic and reactive skins, Ultra also boasts Neurosensine, an active ingredient that soothes redness skin irritation.

To keep your skin happy and healthy all year round, Rachel says it’s important to counteract aggressive changes to the skin’s environment. “This is why using a moisturiser every morning is important as it can act as a buffer against certain aggressors such as heating, cooling, wind etc,” she adds.

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