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Long UVA rays: an ever-present and invisible danger


All year round, without realizing it, we are constantly exposed to long UVA rays, called passive exposure. These solar rays can travel through clouds, glass and even the epidermis down to the dermis

What are the effects of long UVA rays?

The longer the UVA rays, the more deeply they penetrate the skin. They sometimes cause skin damage which can be irreversible:

  • Pigmentation and color disorders, like pregnancy mask, dark spots and a gray complexion.
  • Sun allergies and intolerances: like all UV rays, long UVA rays can trigger the appearance of redness, spots on the skin and itching.
  • Photo-aging or premature aging: reduction in the skin's elasticity and slackening, which favors the appearance of wrinkles.


UV rays irradiate the earth's surface daily: 95% are UVA rays and 5% are UVB rays. Among them, long UVA rays represent 75% of the total radiation. For optimum protection, your sunscreen should therefore be labelled Broad Spectrum on its packaging and comply with Australian requirementts for sunscreens.

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Available in liquids, oils, or sprays, Anthelios offers you a wide choice of textures that combine comfort and protection, without compromising on tolerance for frequent use. Anthelios respects the needs and specific requirements of each skin type and its products are available in different formats and at different levels of protection. The combination of high UVA and UVB protection protects you against the immediate unpleasant effects of the sun such as sunburn, but also long-term damage like photoaging.

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