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Know the damaging effects of the sun


The way that the sun affects our body is linked to various factors including age, skin sensitivity, the environment and the conditions of exposure. From superficial burns to skin cancer, over-exposure to the sun may have short and long-term effects which are impossible to guard against without sun protection.

Protection begins in childhood

From the youngest age, exposure to the sun has a great impact. Children's skin is finer than that of adults and not used to the sun since it is exposed less frequently, and therefore should be the focus of our attention.

Each person is born with a certain sun resistance that will help protect against a certain quantity of UV rays. When this resistance is depleted, the body is no longer able to repair damage caused by the sun. The earlier a child is exposed to the sun, the faster his/her sun resistance is depleted. To save this reserve, the only solution is to use effective protection from the youngest age.

Be informed about the best protection

The Laboratoire Dermatologique La Roche-Posay is committed to fighting skin cancer. Download the ABCDE Method which is a quick and easy way of skin checking. If you see a recent change or if you are in doubt, see a dermatologist as soon as possible. Remember that there is no substitute for your dermatologist, who is the only person able to make a diagnosis of suspicious lesions and decide whether or not to start treatment.

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