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Protect sensitive areas effectively


Our skin is naturally finer in certain areas of our bodies. Eye contour, ears, lips ... some areas are more sensitive than others to the effects of the sun. This is also the case for areas of the skin that are regularly affected by eczema or other types of skin reactions.

Sensitive skin needs special care

Skin prone to atopy reacts more strongly than others to environmental factors such as the cold, the heat, UV rays and pollution. This type of sin is already ultra-fragile, and is even more sensitive to the short and long-term risks of exposure to the sun.

Applying the right sunscreen can help prevent certain discomfort.
A pioneer in sun protection, the Laboratoire Dermatologique La Roche-Posay creates skincare products enriched with Thermal spring water with anti-oxidant and soothing properties, available in various textures for each type of exposure and skin, including sensitive skin. ANTHELIOS XL Ultra-light fluid 50+ is ideal for this type of skin, offering very high protection against long UVA rays in a new ultra-light texture. It feels like bare skin, with a non-greasy finish.

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