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When faced with sensitive skin, cleansing lotions should be used without rinsing, along with thermal spring water sprays.

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62% of women say they have skin that is reactive, sensitive, irritable and intolerant to all cosmetic products and even water. 32% of men also complain of skin discomfort. How can this sensitivity be soothed? Advice from a dermatologist.

What do your patients suffering from skin sensitivity generally complain about?

There are actually few visible signs: skin dryness, rosacea, redness, desquamation, peeling skin.

Sometimes, it is only a tight, burning feeling that gets worse after each application of a cosmetic product. It can become permanent and unbearable. This mostly occurs in women with thin, pale and dry skin who are anxious and stressed.

What advice do you give them?

I ask them to eliminate all the factors that trigger or aggravate this hypersensitivity, which I have discovered through questioning them.

This applies both to the cosmetic products they use and their lifestyle. I encourage them to limit their consumption of alcohol, coffee and spices,to avoid temperature differences and their exposure to the sun and wind. Above all, I ban them from applying products that contain cortisone which, after helping a little, weaken and thin the skin.

So what can they use?

I recommend they apply as few cosmetic products as possible, which must be either fragrance-free or contain very little fragrance,

and to choose products that are specifically formulated for "sensitive skin”. They should also refrain from using soaps or cream bars and instead use cleansing lotions without rinsing and thermal spring water sprays. I invite my patients to choose moisturising creams with light textures, cold creams and non-irritant hair products. Finally, I advise them to avoid skin cleansing, exfoliating masks and anti-ageing products.

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