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Life-proofing your sensitive skin: Simple steps for a calm complexion

For women with sensitive skin, even the most ordinary day may harbor hidden enemies. Temperature changes, air conditioning, hard water… countless trigger factors which can all unleash discomfort. Seemingly under attack on all fronts, skin prickles, burns and stings.

Understandably, these women are constantly in search of solutions to appease and life-proof their skin… And they are willing to try just about anything! Online forums suggest home remedies like honey, oatmeal, avocado or even chocolate masks. Though tasty, the contents of your kitchen larder are probably more likely to harm than to heal. In fact, as they could contain potential allergens and irritants, these DIY treatments may leave you looking rather red-faced.

The truth is, adapted and expert skin care for sensitive skin is the first step in restoring comfort, but taking a few simple steps in your daily life can also make all the difference. Take our quiz and learn how to keep your sensitive skin in its comfort zone.


A long hot shower will help soothe my sensitive skin. True or False?


Exposing sensitive skin to hot and cold stimulates the release of histamine, which can trigger the chain reaction of irritation. Of course you can’t change the weather, but opt for brief, lukewarm showers or baths.


Sun exposure can heighten skin’s sensitivity. True or False?


Worshiping the sun is incompatible with sensitive complexions. UV rays trigger oxidative stress and micro-inflammation within the skin, so make sure broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection is part of your everyday morning routine.


A glass of wine will help both me and my skin relax. True or False?


Alcohol dilates blood vessels within the skin, aggravating redness and flushing issues. It also dehydrates the epidermis, further weakening sensitive skin’s delicate barrier and leaving it exposed to stress factors.


What I eat can’t affect my skin’s irritation levels. True or False?


Substances in spicy dishes can trigger irritation receptors within the skin, sometimes leading to pain, prickling and tightness, as well as visible flushing.


How I feel doesn't affect my sensitive skin. True or False?


Stress and intense emotion cause blood vessels in the skin to dilate, triggering both flushing and sensations of discomfort. Many women find mindfulness or similar relaxation techniques a valuable ally to keep their sensitive skin in the Zen zone.

Make a positive start to regaining control over your sensitive skin today. The winning formula? Smart lifestyle choices teamed with expert dermocosmetic solutions, to restore skin’s comfort. With the right care, women with sensitive skin can live their lives to the fullest.

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