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How to recognize and deal with baby acne?

In the months following birth, babies are prone to infant skin pathologies and inflammation. Two of the most common skin conditions are baby acne and cradle cap. Although there is no need to worry because these conditions typically go away of their own accord, here are some tips to help you manage them if they do occur.

What is baby acne?

Baby acne is a common skin pathology that may occur during the first 3 months of life. It comes usually from the reflection of mums’ hormones. About 20% of healthy newborn babies may develop superficial pustules. It may appear in the form of red pimples on the face, especially on the cheeks, forehead, chin and occasionally even the back. It may also appear in the form of small white spots, that you are able to feel with the tips of your fingers. Sometimes, the skin on and around these pimples turns red. This phenomenon may worsen with heat.

How to treat baby acne?

Baby acne usually clears up without any dermatological treatment a few months after it first appears. However, you can avoid worsening the irritation with some simple gestures.
To avoid irritating your child's skin during their bath or shower, you can use a gentle soap-free cleanser. You can also use thermal spring water or a solution enriched with zinc to decrease irritations and soothe the sensitive skin of your baby.

Besides treatment, be careful not to use products that could aggravate your baby’s skin such as lipid-enriched soaps, greasy ointments or anti-acne products for teenagers and adults.
If in any doubt, seek medical advice from your doctor.

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