How to Look After Sensitive Skin Post-Laser

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From correcting pigmentation, acne scarring and uneven texture to plumping fine lines and wrinkles and managing rosacea, laser skin resurfacing or rejuvenation treatments can yield impressive results. However, as the skin rebuilds itself from the ‘trauma’ of a laser treatment, a strict after-care regime is needed. Particularly for normally sensitive skin. Read on for all the essentials of looking after your skin post-laser.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

The number one rule after any skin procedure is to avoid exposing your compromised skin to UV rays. This is particularly important post-laser to avoid rebound hyperpigmentation. For at least four weeks following your laser treatment, extra vigilance is required. Wear a broad-brimmed hat and avoid direct sun, as well as religiously applying very high-SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the day.

Ideal for use post-procedure, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF50+ is a light, non-greasy and non-comedogenic sunscreen that is fragrance free and won’t further aggravate your already sensitised skin. Formulated with soothing, mineral-rich La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, it offers a very high level of protection from both UVA and UVB rays and reduces the risk of sun-induced pigmentation.

Focus on Repair

Robust barrier protection and a moist environment is required for fast and thorough repair. Applying a healing, hydrating balm prior to other skincare products and sunscreen is key. The essential post-procedure solution, Cicaplast Baume B5 helps to soothe and heal the skin with Vitamin B5 and Madecassoside. Vitamin B5 reduces redness and soothes while Madecassoside facilitates the repair process.

With a nourishing but non-greasy texture, the hypoallergenic formula is free from fragrance, lanolin and parabens for optimal tolerance for sensitive skin. Vitamin B5 soothes; Madecassoside and shea butter help repair the skin and strengthen its barrier function; and antibacterial agents purify the skin. The balm is suitable for use for the whole family on areas of irritation, dryness or chafing, and cracks, redness and minor burns.

Enhance Your Results

Once your skin has healed sufficiently, targeted skincare products will enhance results. With a refreshing aqua-gel texture, Hyalu B5 Serum helps plump the skin, while replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier. As high Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid works to lock in moisture, low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid stimulates collagen synthesis and has a deep re-plumping action. Vitamin B5 and Madecassoside boost the skin’s natural repair process and enhance the plumping action while providing soothing relief.

In efficacy studies*, 77% experienced a reduction in sensations of tightness and 89% found their post-procedure skin seemed plumped or re-plumped.

A Word On Make-Up..

Following a laser treatment, you may need to avoid make-up for 24 hours or longer. Once you resume wearing make-up, a clean, allergy-tested formula, such as those in the Toleriane foundation range, will help prevent irritation. The addition of Neurosensine™ and La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water also help to soothe and reduce redness.

*Panel: N = 30 Caucasian Women and men, having dermatological anti-wrinkles procedures (superficial peeling or injection – around 50/50). Application of Hyalu B5 Serum during 28 days, twice daily (in the morning and in the evening) on the face, including eye contour and neck during 4 weeks. Subjective evaluation questionnaires at D0Timm, D14 and D28 (5 points scale).