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Glow To Bed: Your PM Beauty Routine

Find out exactly what your bed time routine is missing. Think repeating your daytime beauty routine at night will keep your skin happy and healthy? Think again!

Think repeating your daytime beauty routine at night will keep your skin happy and healthy? Think again. A dedicated night-time regime really is the ticket to a glowing and stress-free complexion! To transform your skin, read on. Here are all the reasons to revamp your pre-bed beauty routine.


While morning cleansing is important, your pre-bed cleanse is especially so. It’s essential – particularly for acne and allergy-prone skins – to remove excess sebum build-up and potentially pore-clogging and irritating pollutants at night. A thorough cleanse is also the only way to remove the toxins that can accumulate on the skin each day.

Anti-tightness and anti-redness, La Roche-Posay’s Micellar Water Ultra for Reactive Skin is the quickest, most gentle way of removing all traces of makeup, as well as dirt, impurities and excess oil. With micelle technology, it’s formulated with glycerin to cleanse, soothe and hydrate even the most reactive skin. A thoroughly cleansed complexion, paired with slightly higher skin temperatures overnight, enables increased absorption of soothing, hydrating and anti-ageing active ingredients as you sleep.


By daytime, the skin is busy defending itself against pollution, the sun, and an assortment of external aggressors. At night, this heavy burden is removed, collagen-damaging cortisol (stress) levels are reduced, and your skin can breathe a sigh of relief. In short, bedtime allows your skin to get down to the important business of cellular turnover and repair – both of which increase significantly overnight!


Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) is greater at night, and less sebum is produced. This is a particular problem for dry skins and sensitive skins. Sensitive skin additionally has a compromised barrier and defence system, meaning irritants can potentially penetrate the skin overnight which makes reinforcing the skin barrier function by moisturisation even more important.


For the above reasons, sensitive or allergy-prone skin will often exhibit greater skin irritation and discomfort upon waking. However, using targeted products for your skin at night will make it much easier to wake up on the right side of bed!

To promote comfortable morning skin, La Roche-Posay has formulated Toleriane Ultra Overnight. With detoxifying Carnosine and Vitamin E, soothing Neurosensine and La Roche-Posay’s iconic Thermal Spring Water, the ultra-fresh gel-like texture was inspired by Asian sleeping masks. 100% free from parabens, fragrance, alcohol, colourants and lanolin in an airtight, ultra-hermetic packaging which also removes the need for preservatives in a minimalist formula. Toleriane Ultra Overnight is designed to help even the most allergy-prone skins awake feeling soft and rested, with a reduction in redness and overall enhanced comfort.

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