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“I have finally succeeded in getting rid of my dandruff”


After years of mistreating her hair, Séverine developed a severe case of dandruff. She finally decided to get treatment for her dandruff after putting up with the itchiness and other annoying symptoms. Today, she has a healthy scalp and hair, thanks to an anti-dandruff treatment and well-adapted hair care products.


Séverine, when did your dandruff first appear?

I got really bad dandruff almost overnight!  I had never had dandruff until I was 30 and I had always had pretty healthy brown, curly, shoulder-length hair. But, I was not very gentle on my hair... I often wore it pulled back. And, I frequently styled and blow dried it at least twice a week!  I know it sounds silly, but I have always dreamt of having straight hair rather than my frizzy curls....


Did you have a lot of dandruff?

In the beginning, I only had a little bit.  And then rapidly, it was as if it invaded my entire scalp. At the time, I was really tired and stressed out.  I had so much dandruff that I was even ashamed to go and see my hairdresser. I didn’t even dare run my hands through my hair as I was afraid that my clothing would be immediately covered in dandruff! I thought that it would go away quickly, just like it had come, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case...

The solution

So what did you decide to do?

One day, I decided to talk to my pharmacist, who recommended that I use an intensive anti-dandruff treatment. I rapidly saw a change in my hair! The itchiness and dandruff nearly disappeared and I could once again run my hands through my hair, without an avalanche of dandruff falling onto my shoulders. After several applications, I was finally able to get rid of my dandruff. Since then, I continue using an anti-dandruff treatment for frequent use... and I have learned to love my frizzy hair. I much prefer having frizzy hair than having dandruff!

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