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Children Under The Age of Three Should Not Be Directly Exposed to the Sun

Are parents attentive enough to the dangers of the sun? What information do you need to know? Get answers from a dermatologist.

It is during childhood that the skin is most receptive to the sun's ultraviolet rays. "Sun capital" is consumed rapidly during childhood. Sunburn in children must absolutely be avoided. Advice from a dermatologist to minimise risk.


Today there is extensive media coverage about the dangers of the sun and awareness is starting to grow.

Nevertheless, at the end of the summer, I often see the traces of sunburn on children's faces and shoulders. This is not always the result of mindless sun exposure at the beach, but rather the consequences of exposure during sports (cycling, tennis), a situation where parents are often less careful.

What information do you give parents about sun prevention?

I explain to them that children's skin is extremely vulnerable to the sun.

The fairer their complexion (redheads and blonds), greater the danger. Protection must therefore be the same in the summer even with a slightly overcast sky or when children are moving around. The times when the sun is high in the sky are particularly dangerous. It is during adulthood that their children will suffer the consequences of unprotected exposure

What tips can you give them?

Children under the age of three should not be directly exposed to the sun.

I recommend anti-UV sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, a tee-shirt and high protection sunscreen on exposed skin. This product must be effective against UVB and UVA rays, applied in sufficient quantities and reapplied every two hours. You must have children drink often if the weather is hot. And avoid the sun between 12:00 and 16:00.

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