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Zits: to pop or not to pop:
that is the question...


Picture the scene. It's your big day. A date, a party, a job interview... You jump in the shower to start off your prep routine, when something catches your eye in the mirror. There it is: red, raised and ready to pop. Right on the tip of your nose...

Your first reflex? Squeeze the unwanted visitor into oblivion! Yet dermatologists have been telling their patients the same thing for decades: hands off those pimples! So just why is it so wrong to blitz blemishes with your fingernails? We asked dermatologist Dr. Philippe Beaulieu for his expert insights.
"I always recommend patients resist the desire to pop blemishes. It seems like a quick fix, but in reality you are likely to make the problem worse."

Here's why: when you squeeze a pimple, you are literally bursting the skin. This can damage the infected hair follicle and increase inflammation. That's what dermatologists most fear, because intense inflammation causes acne scars. You can also spread the original infection into neighbouring areas of skin, or even introduce a new infection with your fingernails.

"The truth is, popping zits is a harmful habit and best avoided."
So there you have it. Sometimes a little willpower and patience pays dividends. And remember you have a whole arsenal of acne-fighting ingredients in your local pharmacy, so you can take the problem in hand... just not literally.

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