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Acne solutions and treatments


Acne solutions and treatments

Acne can’t be treated overnight. Many people stop using their acne treatment when they don’t see results quickly. Remember, each pimple that becomes visible was in the making a while beforehand.

It takes a combination of factors for acne to happen: a tiny blockage in the follicle, oil accumulation, bacteria and finally, inflammation. Often, different people have different key drivers of the above.

For example, some people have an over production of sebum (oil) which can be influenced by hormones, such as testosterone (yes females have testosterone too!).
Some people tend to have skin pores that are easily blocked because their skin is not efficient at shedding the microscopic skin cells. In these cases, skin care products that encourage cell turn over and exfoliation can work well.

And in some people, their skin’s inflammatory response is more pronounced meaning that a trigger such as bacteria and oil cause a very quick and heightened response - resulting in a swollen pustular pimple. That pus is white blood cells – the bodies defence.

Treatments available

If the acne is mild to moderate, using a treatment that is applied to the skin can be very useful, especially if it can target the acne from all angles.

Tip: Be careful not to over-irritate or burn acneic skin. Studies have shown over-irritation can cause rebound acne in the long term.

If the acne is more severe, cystic or unresponsive to at least 6 weeks of over the counter treatment, see your doctor or dermatologist, as there are some very effective treatments available.

Author: Rachel McAdam, Acne Expert La Roche-Posay® Australia

Except where specifically referenced, the content in the above article is provided for your information only. It is not intended as advice and you should not rely upon it as you would advice. You should use your own judgement regarding health information and seek independent advice prior to making any decisions.

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