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5 Ways to Soothe Sensitive Eyes In Spring

Sensitive Skin and Allergies in Spring

If you suffer from sensitive eyes or allergies, the arrival of spring is nothing to smile about. Dry, itchy, irritated eyes look and feel awful. Whether your problem is pollen-specific or not, here are five expert-approved ways to help soothe sensitive eyes.

1. Avoid exposure

Become a pollen counter (you can track this with an app) and try to stay indoors on high-count days. Resist rubbing your eyes to avoid transferring irritants and damaging your most fragile skin.

2. Build your barrier

To help manage irritation, you need a product that cares and protects. Building up your sensitive skin’s barrier function is essential to help protect against environmental irritants, and lock much-needed hydration in.

Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour is formulated especially for the delicate eye area with ingredients that hydrate, soothe and protect sensitive, reactive and allergic skin. The minimalist formulation contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water to soothe, and niacinamide to strengthen the skin’s barrier.

3. Pop on some sunnies

Sunglasses are a necessity in our harsh Australian climate. Not only do they protect against harmful UV rays, they help protect our eyes from other external elements and potential irritants. Keep a pair handy in your handbag or glove compartment.

4. Remove your eye makeup EVERY night

Leaving your makeup on overnight is a surefire way to exacerbate red, irritated eyes. Make sure you remove all traces of eye makeup with a gentle cleanser formulated for sensitive skin. La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleansing Water is pH balanced for reactive skins, and gently removes all traces of makeup and impurities without the need for water.

5. Apply a cool compress

For fast relief of eye discomfort, try using a cool compress after removing your makeup. Run a wash cloth under cold water, pop over the eyes, then lie back and enjoy 10 minutes of peace and quiet.

Author: Pip Jarvis

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