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5 Handy Hacks for Sensitive Skin

When your skin seems to react to even the most basic products, where do you start?!

With the plethora of products out there promising to brighten, lighten, firm, tone and turn back time, it can be difficult enough finding a skincare regime that suits. Add sensitivity into the mix, and it’s an even more daunting task.

When your skin seems to react to even the most basic products, where do you start?! Read on for five sensitive skin hacks that promise less ‘ow’ and more ‘wow!’

Step 1: Know your ingredient red flags

As a sensitive type, it’s important to become label savvy. Do your research, and opt for dermatologist-recommended products with claims such as “tested on sensitive and allergic skin.”

As a general rule, steer clear of the following ingredients which can provoke sensitive skin’s symptoms:

  • Fragrances
  • Colourants
  • Lanolin
  • Alcohol

Step 2: Be demanding when it comes to packaging

As sensitive skin is reactive to external irritants, it’s important to choose hermetic (airtight) packaging, with protective valves to avoid external contamination or oxidation.

Step 3: Perform a patch test

One way to be sure of your tolerance to a product is to test it out. Apply a small amount to your forearm. If after 48hrs there is no redness or sign of irritation, try the product on your face.

Step 4: Shower smart

A long, hot shower might be heavenly, but it really does wreak havoc on the skin. Hot water triggers histamine release, setting off a chain reaction of irritation.

Try to restrict your shower time, and keep water lukewarm. Soaps can also strip the skin’s protective barrier, so opt for a micellar water or gentle cleansing milk for the face, and a soap-free, pH balanced body wash.

Step 5: Ace your base

A smart option is mineral make-up, as it is more respectful of the skin and typically free of irritants.

Author: Pip Jarvis

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